Certification in the F-gases range

Matex Controls is certified in a scope of installation, maintenance and servicing of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing at least 3 kgs of substances that deplete the ozone layer (ODS) and fluorinated greenhouse gas (FGG).

The possibility of having the appropriate certificate by the company, in the range of performance of the activities mentioned above, gives the Act from 15th of May 2015 of substances that deplete the ozone layer and of certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.
In addition, executive acts to the Act (from December 2015 and January 2016), impose on operators (devices owners) an obligation of preparing Devices’ Cards in the Central Register of Operators (CRO). Records in the cards can be made only by F-gases certified person (certificate issued by a certification body).

Certification of the company confirms the high level of service in the mentioned above scope and the fact that the company:
• employ certified staff in the field of F-gases,
• have and apply the appropriate procedures for conducting business,
• has implemented a system of recording activities performed by the certified staff,
• has technical equipment that meets the requirements appropriate to the scope of operations.

We encourage you to cooperate with us during the investments with cooling equipment, air-conditioning and heat pumps containing ODS and FGG. We can also help in the subject of applicable requirements and regulations.



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