New headquarters of Matex Controls!

The dynamic development of our company and a significant increase in the size of our team have resulted in the need to change our headquarters. In 2013 we decided to build our own office and soon started the work. We wanted our new headquarters to be not only a workplace for Matex team, but also the hallmark of the company.

In early 2014, the construction was completed and we could relocate to the new office already in April. Our previous headquarters was located in Kiełpin; it was a rented building in a quiet and green remote location which, however, was slightly removed from Warsaw. The new location of the office of Matex is near the main route to Gdańsk, which makes it so much easier for those who come to visit us as well as for our employees. The new headquarters offers a surface area of nearly 700 m2 across two storeys; despite its size, it has already turned out that given the very fast increase in the number of our employees it is not big enough. Therefore, we have decided to extend it further.

We are very proud of the undertaking which the construction of our new office was. Now we can show everyone who we are and what we do. We are waiting for all those who want to get to know us and pay Matex a visit. Let us invite you to Kolejowa 49!


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