Name of the building: IO-1
Location: Warsaw, Puławska 182
Date of the project: from December 2014 to February 2015

Building IO-1 is located at Puławska Street close to Metro Wilanowska. It was built in 2006 as a 14-storey office building with a total leasable area of more than 22 000 sq. m.

Scope of work:
Complex construction of mechanical installations of Givaudan office arrangement on an area of about 300 sq. m (10th Floor).

Scope of works:

  • installation of comfort ventilation,
  • supply and installation of air conditioning for server rooms,
  • supply and installation of a dedicated air handling unit,
  • make a new ducting for ventilation ducts leading from the roof to the special tenant’s rooms, where perfumes are being prepared,
  • installation of condensate drain from cooling and heating / cooling,
  • delivery, installation, programming and commissioning of fire dampers for server rooms,
  • preparing an installation of water and sewage for rooms where perfumes are being prepared, kitchen and kitchenette,
  • installation of automation for the room controllers, the new air handling unit and 4 VAV units,
  • making adjustments and ventilation’s performance measurements and noise protocols,
  • preparation of as-built documentation and operation manual for the installed equipment.
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Duration of the project

2 months


300 sq m

Ventilation control

1 new central and 4 VAV units