Libra Business Centre – PWN arrangement

Name of the building: Libra Business Centre – PWN arrangement
Location: Warsaw, Daimler 2
Date of the project: February 2013 – June 2013

Libra Business Centre is a new office building on Warsaw’s real estate market built by the Budimex company and opened in 2012. The building was built in the Włochy disctict on Daimler Street. The building was designed according to the principles of ergonomics and healthy offices, making it the perfect office space for each tenant.

Parking places – 400 places
Object area – 15 600 sq m

Scope of work:
Comprehensive execution of mechanical installations of office arrangement of Scientific Publishers – PWN of a total area of 5 000 sq m (3 floors)

Scope of execution:

  • Ventilation supply and exhaust installation in offices,
  • Delivery and assembly of rooms’ air-conditioning based on the individual channel fan coils and slot diffusers,
  • Installation of technological heat and chilled water for fan coils,
  • Condensate installation with sensors and calibration,
  • Execution and startup of air conditioning installation in the PWN server room with a capacity of = 88kW (Mitsubishi),
  • Water and sewerage and hydrant installations on the surface of PWN,
  • Execution and measurements in the ventilation and noise measurements,
  • Development of execution and as-built documentation.
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5 000 sq m

Diffusers amount

560 pieces

Pipe installation lenght

3 600 m