Nowy Plac Unii

Name of the building: Nowy Plac Unii
Location: Warsaw
Date of the project: from 2014

Nowy Plac Unii building is located in Warsaw at the intersection of the streets: Puławska, Waryńskiego and Boy-Żeleński. Its construction lasted three years and the building was put into service in autumn 2013. Plac Unii complex consists of three buildings with a total office space of 41,000 sq. m (Class A +). In addition, part of the complex is a shopping center building. It was environmentally certified BREEAM rated “very good”.

From mid 2014 Matex Controls already carried out 6 new arrangements in the building (ranging in size from a few hundred to over a thousand sq. m).

The scope of works in each case included the creation of new infrastructure for Tenants – from the shell & core state to the finished area.

The detailed scope of work:

  • comfort ventilation system,
  • fire ventilation system,
  • chilled water installation,
  • process heat installation,
  • hydrant system,
  • water and sewage installation,
  • measurement, testing, commissioning for all types of systems.
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Duration of the project

From 2014


41 000 sq. m

Interesting fact

6 arrangements