Name of the building: Production object of radiopharmaceuticals for PET/CT Diagnostic Center with the Research and Implementation Laboratory and TRAFO Station – projects related to the installation
Location: Warsaw
Date of the project: from May 2012 – February 2013

Project details:
Preparation of studies involving concept, construction, tender and executive design of system for radiopharmaceuticals production’s plant and research laboratory at the PET diagnostic center accordance with the GMP requirements. The project was subject to qualification.
Documentation consisted of descriptions, calculations, diagrams, plans, sections, measurements in varying detail degrees (depending on the stage).
Finally executive project has been prepared to provide contractors the basis for construction and assembly work.

Scope of work:

  • Execution of ventilation projects (calculation of the amount and flow of the air, selection of air handling units and other equipment, channels distribution, pressure cascade maintenance),
  • Execution of installation’s projects of technological heat and chilled water (calculations of heat’s profit and loss, hydraulic calculations, the selection of chillers, fan coils and other equipment, hydronic balancing of installation),
  • Execution of installation projects of cold, warm and circulation water and sanitary and technology sewage (hydraulic calculations, selection of fittings and equipment),
  • Execution of gas installation and boiler room projects, (calculations, the selection of the boiler and other equipment and fittings),
  • Execution of electrical installation projects (electrical switchgears, UPS, cable routes, internal power supply, interior and exterior lighting, sockets, shock protection, overvoltage protection, lightning protection, compensation grounding and bonding),
  • Execution of low voltage and automation projects (systems: BMS (Building Management System), RMS (Radiation Monitoring System) and EMS (Environment Monitoring System), locks controlling and signalling, control access, intruder alarm, FAS, installation of telephone and computer),
  • Execution of external network projects in the area of investments (water and electricity supply, connection to the sewage system).
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Duration of the project

From May 2012 to February 2013


GMP standard

Radiopharmaceutical production center

3rd in Poland