Crown Point

Name of the building: Crown Point
Location: Warsaw
Date of the project: from 2010


Crown Point building is located at Prosta 70 Street (at the exit Rondo to the metro station) in Warsaw. It was open in 2004. The office building has over 11 000 sq. m of modern usable area, located on 8 floors above ground and 104 parking spaces on two underground floors.


Scope of work:

  • Technical audit of HVAC installation in the entire building,,
  • Executive project of sanitary installation’s and automation’s modernization in the entire building ,
  • Modernization of the HVAC in the entire building,
  • Adaptation of HVAC for tenants’ arrangements,
  • Adaptation of ventilation and air-conditioning in the restaurant,
  • Cleaning the sewer system in the entire building,
  • Executive project of smoke ventilation system’s modernization,
  • Modernization of the fire ventilation.


Since the start of work on the building, Matex Controls carried out a number of repairs and modernization of the equipment and entire installation:

  • modernization of the comfort air handling units control, including the addition of mixing chambers with the dependence of their work from CO2 concentration sensors, development of control based on the TAC controllers with the addition of new features,
  • modernization of air handling automation cabinets units,
  • adding inverters for air handling units for dependence the work of air handling units on the pressure in the supply duct (compatible work with added air flow controllers on each floor in order to reduce energy consumption),
  • replacement of gas boilers,
  • modernization of gas boilers control,
  • partial replacement of circulation pumps of technological heating and cooling,
  • the addition of redundant pumps on circuits of chillers located outside the building,
  • the addition of 14 independent VRF Mitsubishi ZUBADAN systems for office space in order to ensure the thermal balance of the building,
  • the one in Poland compatible heating and cooling beams Halton’s control and VRF Mitsubishi’s units by Thermokon wall drivers with full control from the BMS TAC Vista,
  • Compatible work with the following automation‘s communication protocols on the building (LonWorks, Modbus, MP-Bus, M-net, Viessmann an internal protocol)
  • Replacing the BMS station and updating databases and software (TAC Vista – now Schneider Electric)
  • Modernization of the technological heat (partial replacement of piping with insulation, replacement of the valves’ groups with concept of control of quantitative and qualitative medium change),
  • Modernization of the chilled water system (partial replacement of piping with insulation, replacement of the valves’ groups with concept of control of quantitative and qualitative medium change),
  • Modernization of ventilation system (changing of a technological concept and ventilation’s control system, exchange of dampers’ manual system on variable and constant air flow systems to optimize air distribution to the heating – cooling beams, changing of exhaust ventilation’s concept),
  • Implementation of a beams modular control system with an individual protection against the drain appearance,
  • air control system for conference rooms by LEED standard (VAV + CO2 concentration sensor)
  • cleaning of comfort and kitchen ventilation systems,
  • replacement of the automation’s wiring installation and its supply,
  • replacement of fan section in the part of air flow units (replacement on direct drive),
  • modernization of control and technology of technology air flow units.



All of the works Matex Controls done on this building allowed for more efficient use of building’s infrastructure by making improvements and compatible control for all system’s components. Technological parameters and thermal comfort were significantly improved which affected operating costs reduction.

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Duration of the project

From 2010


11 000 sq. m

Interesting fact

1000 cooling beams