Name of the building: Focus
Location: Warsaw, Al. Armii Ludwej
Date of the project: June 2010 – April 2015

The building was designed by architects from Warsaw APA Kuryłowicz & Associates. Focus building is in the form of a cube with dimensions of 67 m x 65.2 m, height of 49.4 m and a total area of approx. 62 000 sq m and a volume of 243 500 m3. The building has 12 storeys above ground and three floors underground, designed to garages. The building has been divided into four completely independent and self-sufficient parts – A, B, C, D.

Total area – 62 200 sq m
Volume – 245 500 m3

Scope of work:
Complex execution of mechanical installations of offices arrangement for companies such as: Deutsche Bank, DIL Poland Baumanagement, Samsung, The Walt Disney Company, Bristol-Myers Squibb Poland.

Scope of execution works:

  • Supply and exhaust ventilation installation for offices,
  • Delivery and assembly of rooms air-conditioning based on the individual channel fan coils and slot diffusers,
  • Installation of technological heat and chilled water for fan coils,
  • Installation of condensate with sensors and calibration,
  • water and sewerage installation,
  • Hydrant installation,
  • nstallation of mechanical smoke exhaust,
  • Delivery and assembly of server roomair conditioning based on the Split units,
  • Execution and ventilation efficiency measurements and noise measurements,
  • Execution and measurements in the ventilation and noise measurements,
  • Development of execution and as-built documentation.
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