Name of the building: Lek S.A.
Location: Warsaw
Date of the project: from 2012

Production facility building LEK SA is located at Domaniewska street 50c.

Scope of work:

  • maintenance of installations and devices in proper working condition.
  • planning, organizing and coordinating the renovation and modernization works of renovation,
  • current removal of failures
  • planning, organizing and coordinating the periodic technical inspections of devices and installations,
  • improving the quality of facility operation – introducing the facilities in the building and supervisory automation system.

Since becoming technical support of the building Matex executed a number of repairs and modernization of the equipment and complete installations:

  • modernization of the SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) – key features:
    • redundant work on the server side,
    • long-term archiving of measurement data,
    • multi-level user authorization system,
    • distributed access by terminal stations
    • alarming of selected users via email and SMSes,
    • the ability to analyze archived measurement data in a graphical charts.
  • replacement and modernization of the control automation distributor,
  • modernization of air handling units,
  • reconstruction of premises in the production and office area.
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Duration of the project

From 2012


11 675 sqm

Number of arrangements