Trinity Park II

Name of the building: Trinity Park II
Location: Warsaw, Suwak
Date of the project: from January 2011

The office building is located in the Służewiecki Industrial Park in Warsaw and was opened in 2007. It is a complex of three office buildings, including the distinctive 10-storey oval tower (building A). The total office area of buildings is 24 500 sq m.

Scope of work:
In order to adapt the building to the requirements and needs of tenants, from time to time individual office spaces are arranged again. Depending on the range of changes the new arrangement forces the adaptation of building’s installations. Since January 2011, our company conducts works related to the reconstruction of ventilation and air conditioning associated with the change of arrangements for tenants such as BNP Paribas, Sygma Bank and COI.

Scope of mmplementation:

  • Execution of the executive project to adjust ventilation and air conditioning for new arrangements,
  • Expertise of HVAC installation on the building,
  • Adjustment of supply ande xhaust ventilation for offices,
  • Adjustment of central heating and chilled water channel fan coils,
  • Adjustment of the condensate elimination system,
  • Balancing of channel fan coils’ process heat and chilled water installation,
  • Execution of ventilation’s efficiency regulations and measurements and noise measurements,
  • Development of as-built documentation for the HVAC industry.
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over 30

Designs and projects:

for 60% of office space in the building

Number of fan coil units:

600 pieces